Mitiamo IT Wireless Broadband Survey

Mitiamo IT Wireless Broadband Survey

I am planning the construction of a large wireless internet network to provide fast, reliable and affordable internet to rural homes and businesses in under-served areas.

I intend to eventually cover much of Central, Northern and North West Victoria, focusing on areas that are not included in the NBN wireless rollout.

It would appear that the NBN wireless rollout will miss many areas, leaving them with a second-rate satellite based service.

My plans involve using quality “Fixed Wireless” radio equipment to provide a similar service to the NBN wireless. Fixed Wireless means an antenna and radio would be professionally installed on your house or business, allowing for a controlled and more-or-less guaranteed quality of service, without dropouts, within approximately 20km’s of my transmitters.

In order to determine the viability of this, I am conducting a survey to determine the demand for such a service. If you are interested in such a service, please fill out the survey below, or, for more information call me on 0438 028 656 or email me

Please Note: All items in the survey are optional. However, while you may choose to remain anonymous (just dont fill in anything you dont wish me to know), your response will be of more use if you include your name, address and contact details, as it will help me to determine the viability of the business far better than anonymous responses.

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