Business IT Support

Whether you have 1 computer or 100, I can provide complete IT support for your business, including the supply, installation and support of servers and other hardware. I have been supporting businesses and schools since 2009. I also currently manage the computers at 3 local schools, supporting close to 400 users and devices between them.

Residential IT Support

No matter how simple or complex your home IT requirements are, I can help.

Internet Connections

Living and working in the local area, I have an extensive knowledge of available internet connections, as well as an understanding of the challenges we all face in trying to get a reliable internet service in rural areas. I can explain your options and provide you with everything you need, including antennas and networking equipment.

NBN – Non Standard installs

I can help you get NBN Fixed wireless if you are located outside the coverage area, avoiding the need to connect to the far inferior NBN “Sky Muster” Satellite. By taking steps to convince NBN that a signal may be possible, I may be able to organise an installation. Even if a signal cannot be recieved at your house or building, I can setup a repeater station from another location on your farm, or potentially elsewhere.

Phone Reception Improvment

Lately I have installed quite a few Cel-Fi mobile phone boosters, which will give you reliable and strong phone reception throughout your house or business. These are the only mobile phone boosters which are legal to use in Australia, any other cheaper boosters are illegal (despite claims from many sellers), they interfere with other people’s reception kilometres away,  and carry a huge fine and jail time if you get caught. These legal boosters cost about $1000 for the 3G only model, and about $1500 for the 4G capable model, and you will probably requre an externally mounted antenna, which costs about $200.

Website Design & Hosting

I can create and host affordable, easy to use websites for your business. Recent websites I have made include:

Computer Repairs

No matter what the problem, I can get your computer running properly.

Radio Links

I can wirelessly connect multiple buildings together for you, allowing you to share your internet connection, as well as files, printers and other resources between buildings. This means you can pay for a single internet connection for 2 or more buildings, saving you money each month. This works great on farms, where there is 2 or more houses or sheds all needing internet access. These radio links work great, are surprisingly affordable, and, in the right conditions, can cover distances greater than 50km!


Using both wired and wireless technology, I can connect all your devices to the internet, and to each other.

Email Hosting

I can supply you with a reliable Microsoft Exchange based email system which can keep all of your emails, contacts, calendar entries and tasks sync’d between multiple devices. This is ideal for businesses. Using your own domain name, you can have email addresses in the format of

Farming and other specialty Industries

I have experience in a wide range of computerised business systems, such as dairies and irrigation systems. Even if I haven’t seen it before, I can probably still help.